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I help videographers attract more lucrative clients and increase their earnings through their passion

Are you creating great videos but still struggling to make money? 💸

Elevate your videography career and achieve financial success within 30 days using our 5 step process of identifying your ideal client, developing your brand identity, creating service packages, reaching out to potential clients, and closing the deal 💼

What's inside?


Eric Ardito has built an incredibly lucrative and reputable videography business empowering clients to shine. And now he's here to help you do the same

Capture will help you:

  • Achieve Financial Success Within 30 Days
  • Learn Proven Techniques to Grow Your Business
  • Develop your Brand Identity
  • Master Outreach
  • Increase Your Rates
  • Get Paid To Travel
  • Learn From Other Seasoned Videographers

No bullsh*t, Just video

Don’t take my word for it, Take theirs

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