Having a mentor is a key to success

Updated: Jan 11, 2019

Having a mentor in all aspects of your life is vital

I'm not gonna lie, this only hit me square in the face just last night. I have good lighting and a lot of camera equipment in my apartment so naturally, people think of me when they want a small studio space for a project or whatever and they're close by. My friend Perry called me up yesterday last minute while I was at Safeway buying some Ezekiel Bread (healthy stuff if I may add) and asked if he, his girlfriend Kylie and her friend Brynn could pop by to use some lighting at my place to shoot some photos for Kylie's school project. I said yeah and they came by around 8 to shoot.

While they were setting up Brynn began telling me about how she wanted to get a new lens and how overwhelmed she was with her choices. I recommended Sigma because to me they're the sharpest lenses on the market and worth every penny. She also complimented my arsenal of camera equipment which I really don't think anything of at this point. It's just stuff I use for work but I guess to others it's everything they're striving for.

I always get excited talking/nerding out about camera stuff. I must have recommended 50 million Youtube channels for Brynn to watch to improve her photography and get her started on video. I'm crazy about this shit. But I also realized after they left how much value I was giving and how much knowledge I was dropping. It was like a domino effect almost. After they left I made a personalized action plan for my friend Travis who produces beats and told him how to promote his stuff. Travis is in high school and literally just goes to school, works out, and comes home to make beats.

The kid has over 10,000 beats just sitting on his computer and isn't making a dime from any of them. I explained how important it is to start promoting his stuff right now and putting himself out there online. He's at an age where he is very talented and productive with no bills living at home. This is the perfect time to promote yourself and start stacking money. Once again, I gave massive value and a step by step plan for him to make money off his passion. The last thing I wanna see is Travis working at Target because he didn't know how to properly promote his content.

Jahsiel is another creator I know who shoots over 10 music videos a month ranging from $300-$1000+. He's only 17

The next domino to fall in this scenario was my friend Sommer who messaged me asking how she can make money from her photography. She's super talented but struggles to get consistent clientele. I gave her a bunch of advice and then after our conversation that was when it all came full circle for me. People need mentors to have real success. Mentors who have done what someone else is trying to do. If you think about it we have mentors in all aspects of our lives. I had a mentor in the beginning who taught me Adobe Premiere for video editing, I have a mentor right now teaching me how eat and train properly (goodbye Taco Bell) and I still want to get a mentor to learn more about business. Even in school, your mentor is your professor. It's in every aspect of our lives.

Moe Abbassi is a dating coach in Toronto who has had mentors in almost every aspect of his life

I fully credit this concept of mentors to Moe Abbassi. It just took me a bit to realize the importance of it and the value I was giving others but when I really think about it, Moe was the one who implanted this idea in my head. The funniest part is he didn't even realize he was doing it, let me explain.

I recently produced a documentary for Moe and it was my biggest project of 2018 but also the most fun and stressful one as well. It took months to finish but I'm the type of person that has the mindset of getting the project as close to the clients vision as possible no matter what. I have a lot of pride in my work and I do the best I can for the people I work with and in the end this project came awesome.

In the documentary Moe mentions having mentors in his life and constantly investing in himself. Moe has invested thousands in developing himself and his business from investing in books, to seminars, to programs. It's all made him who he is today and I think that's the problem with a lot of creative people. They either aren't willing to invest in themselves to get a mentor who has the knowledge they're seeking or they don't know where to even start to find someone to help them. So in turn, you have a bunch of photographers shooting for free and being unhappy because they feel there's no money in art and their only hope is a re-post by "MoodyPorts" that will maybe give them their 15 minutes of fame.

I highly advise anyone struggling to check out this book

After realizing all of this and based on the value I've been giving people from my experience, I've decided to offer a mentorship/action plan program in the near future. I'm not saying I'm a god by any means. But I feel like with the amount of people who come to me for advice and see what I'm doing could use this type of program to further themselves.

A lot of camera people are very secretive in this industry and I just feel like that isn't right. There is a lot of takers in this industry instead of givers and people are doing this for the wrong reasons (gotta buy my fake follow3rs br0000). I guess you could say that this is in any industry but this is the main one I'm involved in so I notice it the most here.

The program I'm planning is going to be person to person based so everyone will get their own plan formulated on their needs and what they could improve on. Similar to the online coaching Moe does or what Fitness specialists do, I'm planning something similar just for creators wanting to go further in Photography, Video, Beat making etc. The list goes on and on except for getting better in your dating life. If you need that, Moe is the best.

I posted about this possible program on my Instagram story last night and woke up with 11 messages this morning from people who would be interested and now I'm here finishing up this blog post. It's really awesome to know you guys want to take action and invest in yourself to do something like this with me. I've always enjoyed helping people and this is something I'm gonna work on over the next month to provide for you guys. I believe in you and I can't wait to get this started. Thanks for trusting in me and supporting my ideas.

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