Why Auclair Gloves are the best on the market

These gloves were the real MVP of the trip

Nothing can kill my mood faster than cold hands and If you know me then you know my hands are the first part of my body that freezes when I'm in cold weather. Every pair of gloves I get is either not warm enough or not stylish enough or I just dislike them in general. Call me the Goldilocks of gloves. That all changed when I worked with Auclair on my trip to Iceland. I had just moved from Florida to Colorado this past June and I'd been adjusting to cold weather. I've lived in hot states the majority of my life, so having a winter was completely new to me. When it first snowed I freaked out and called my Uncle who lives in Connecticut. "How do I get all this snow off my car? I got a broom but it's not working" I said in a panic. He advised me to get a snow brush but for the time being I had to use a towel and my arm to get the snow off my car. Fun times. Bet if I had some Auclair gloves I could have easily gotten the snow off by wearing them. Of course shortly after my move to Colorado I'd book a trip to Iceland of all places. Let the games begin.

From insane conditions to city life, these gloves are fit for all occasions

Next year will be Auclair's 75th anniversary and they are one of the oldest and most respected brands in North America. From major athletes like Ross Rebagliati wearing these gloves to regular people like myself, I can tell you they're of the highest quality and the absolute best gloves on the market. There's a reason they've been around for so long. They held up tremendously on the trip even in the worst conditions. Iceland tends to have weather that changes dramatically within minutes. I'm not even exaggerating when I tell you the weather will go from sunshine, to rain, to snow, to 35mph winds, to sunshine again all within 10 minutes. It's unbelievable. Once again Auclair gloves held up during these insane weather changes.

Certain things that happen can ruin a whole mood for a trip somewhere. For example my shoes got water in them at one point during our trip and I was miserable the rest of the day. I mentioned above that cold hands are one of the things that can kill my mood. My hands getting cold did not happen on this trip thanks to these gloves. They're well insulated and keep cold out. To be honest my favorite pair is the one I was wearing in the photo of me holding the ice. It was nice to be able to hold freezing cold ice or just mess around with snow and not have my hands get cold at all.

You'd be surprised that the mittens actually work well when touching your phone

Comfortable, stylish, and they work with your phone? Count me in. Auclair's gloves also come with a handy clip feature that binds the two gloves together when not in use so you're ensured that you won't lose them. This is also ideal for clipping them on backpacks as well. The main question I got from a lot of my friends was "what are they like to wear?" well I can tell you going back to my statement on how comfortable they are, you get a great grip (see me holding the piece of ice or Han holding his phone above) so that's a huge plus for me. I like warm stylish gloves where I can actually move my hands and grip everything I need to grip. So in terms of comfort, I'd say they're outstanding especially for longer periods of use.

Outside of cold weather conditions Auclair gloves can also be used for bike riding too. They grip the handles very well.

In conclusion, if you're going skiing, hiking, snowboarding, biking or just running around your city, Auclair gloves are a must have. They have endless varieties and styles to choose from and you can get yourself a pair over at

When the gloves go on, it's game on.

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