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Nick Did It

"Did It" is a non-profit organization established with the sole purpose of aiding the community of Colorado. Its founder, Nicholas Naranjo, a barber based in Colorado, has initiated a significant movement within the state.


In 2020, Naranjo launched "Cuts For A Cause," which successfully raised $37,000 in two months to support his fiancée in her battle against cancer, mobilizing barbers and community members alike. Additionally, in 2022, he established "Colorado Barber Give Back," aimed at engaging individuals in Colorado with an interest in hair by inviting the state's top barbers and cosmetologists to showcase their expertise, fostering networking opportunities and facilitating knowledge exchange within the industry.


Our organization is committed to making a lasting impact on the state's needs by organizing annual events that leverage the resources of the haircare industry for community support.

I played a pivotal role in bolstering the outreach and impact of "Did It," a non-profit organization dedicated to community upliftment in Colorado.

Working closely with the organization's founder, Nicholas Naranjo, I utilized my expertise in content creation and project management to document and market their initiatives effectively.


Through strategic planning and execution, I captured the essence of their events through compelling videos and photos, showcasing the heartfelt efforts put forth by the team.

IMG_5890 2.jpg

Did It's mission for events is to showcase Colorado's top barbers and cosmetologists, featuring their skills on stage to provide haircuts for boys and girls ranging from Pre-School to High School. They invited their network to participate in various ways, including marketing, setting up vendor booths, and organizing school supply drives.

IMG_5891 2.jpg

Donations received would then be utilized to provide assistance to children in need. The events Did It puts on include live music, food, drinks, and games, and are open to the public free of charge. The goal of Did It is to garner significant support to ensure the success of the event, benefiting future leaders by providing them with top-quality haircuts and essential school supplies.


They understood the importance of a

great haircut and proper attire as

confidence boosters, while also aiding

less fortunate families. With the assistance of our supporters, Did It aims to accomplish their mission successfully.

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